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Groove for Flexor Tendons: History

In the beginning

In the beginning must be the nothing.
but can u image something
like the nothing?



A day I met Tony. We was just more than child.
I meet him to have some new game for the C=64. Both of us had it and all that we wished was new games.

I let he coming home of my parents. he looked i play the piano. So we start to talk. We become soon friends.

Many episodes made us come near 'n near.

After some year he introduced me Miki. Miki too "needed" C=64 games, so i started to think to be something like a game-pusher. but i couldn't do it alone. because the i had only one cassette recorder for the C=64 and to copy games i need a second one and a duplicator.

this was the first time i did something starting from myself, i believe.

So we put some money and bought the duplicator (a sort of hub for the cassette recorder) and started to duplicat our first game. so the second, the third. Tony in the meantime started to attend music lessons and we talked about playing together.

I however still attended private piano lessons with final test for a piano accademy.

Time after Tony bought a Yamaha Keyboard. when i saw it i was really rapt from it.

That was only the beginning.





In The Beginning | In The End | In The Dark | The Dark Era


The Mucous Sheaths of the Tendons on the Front of the Wrist.—Two sheaths envelop the tendons as they pass beneath the transverse carpal ligament, one for the Flexores digitorum sublimis and profundus, the other for the Flexor pollicis longus (Fig. 423). They extend into the forearm for about 2.5 cm. above the transverse carpal ligament, and occasionally communicate with each other under the ligament. The sheath which surrounds the Flexores digitorum extends downward about half-way along the metacarpal bones, where it ends in blind diverticula around the tendons to the index, middle, and ring fingers. It is prolonged on the tendons to the little finger and usually communicates with the mucous sheath of these tendons. The sheath of the tendon of the Flexor pollicis longus is continued along the thumb as far as the insertion of the tendon. The mucous sheaths enveloping the terminal parts of the tendons of the Flexores digitorum have been described on page 449.